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Tomas Valverde’s Training Log 7.4.2017: New Moon Top 1RM PR w/10 kilos

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my first video training log post ever! If I’m going to be an example of someone with far above average physical strength I must “lead from the front” by showing you that I progress all the time.

As it is with us in The Movement, we PR (set a Personal Record) every day either in movement intensity, volume, density or in best case in all of them. I will however post intensity PRs for the most part, as my main interest is in maximum strength and it’s what people want to see the most.

Today’s most notable new Personal Record was done with my Moon Top.

While ten kilos is certainly not world class yet, I’m pleased with the amount of improvement I’ve had despite this movement testing positively only once per week, if even that.

I began using Moon Top in January 2017 after getting it from David Horne’s World of Grip Shop. This halved ball is even more fun than Hubs to train with. I’ll surely hit 15 kilos by the end of this year, likely even more.

Oh, and you’re welcome to my personal Youtube channel. All the feats of strength you could also do are featured there.

To infinity and beyond,

Tomas Valverde

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