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Tomas Valverde’s Training Log 15.4.2017: New 2″ Vertical Bar 1RM PR w/70 kilos

Today I wanted to train somewhere else than my home and went to the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu club I train in, Hardknocks Training Center, formerly known as Macaco Branco Center. Besides, I’m not very interested in “holiday traditions” like the masses are.

Every day is a chance to get better in one or more ways- this day for myself it was in vertical bar lift, or v-bar for short.

It was a legendary strongman Adam T. Glass who got me interested in this the first place, so I ordered my own Ultimate V-Bar from Strongergrip.

I did six singles in total with seventy kilos. It wasn’t my absolute maximum, only the weight that felt best.

I’ll post again on this lift when I hit eighty kilos. That is when, not “if.”

Go with honor, friend,

Tomas Valverde

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