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The Reason Why You Need To Be A Grammar Nazi On This Site

Hello, all English speaking readers! Yes, I’m talking to you. I have a very important favor to ask you.

You see, the thing is I’m a man who could be called linguistically talented and gifted . I can speak and write English, the language used on this site, very fluently.

However, English isn’t my first language, Finnish is. That means my English isn’t perfect and I sometimes do make mistakes I would never make in Finnish.

Could you please correct every single typo and grammatical error you see and hear on this very site?

With every single I mean everything. Even the tiniest mistakes.

The reason I’d like you to be a Grammar Nazi on this site is that if one doesn’t understand a language, he’s not able to think in it either, which results in him not being able to express his own thoughts clearly enough in his written and spoken words.

This leads to readers, listeners and viewers, including you, not getting my message as clearly as possible.

My site is supposed to be as user friendly, readable and logical as possible and I want your user experience to be the very best.

I’m a Grammar Nazi. Can you be one, too, at least on TomasValverde.com?

Could you help me to make the content the easiest to understand it could ever be?

Thank you so much in advance!

Live long and prosper,

Tomas Valverde

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