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Welcome, stranger!

My real name is, as the website’s name implies, Tomas Valverde and I’d like to welcome you to TomasValverde.com!

By looking into the About section of this site you probably wanted to know a little bit more of what this is all about. After all, the name of this site does not describe it’s content in any way and the tagline is naturally way too short to tell you anything specific.

First, let’s start from the beginning of my own life.

My backstory


I was born in 1987 to a blue collar family, thanks to antibiotics without whom I’d have died from complications during my birth.

Many things were right during my time growing up. I had a roof on top of my head, enough food and drink (actually more than enough as you can guess from that old picture of mine) and clothing. My parents made a fair enough living, or at least my mother did.

However, some things were horribly wrong. While my mother could make a living for us, my father was a physically and mentally violent alcoholic who suffered from a paranoid personality disorder. He was very difficult, if not impossible to live with.

In a manner of speaking, I grew without a father. He eventually died in 2011 from cancer, having suffered a massive stroke five years earlier.

I was also a really fat kid, as evidenced in the picture above. I had really poor social skills, which didn’t improve until my early adulthood. I was bullied all the time at school and had only a few (but excellent) friends.

At my worst I had such a high level of social anxiety that I could barely say “hi” to someone, let alone a girl I was sexually attracted to. My health used to be so poor I couldn’t do one push-up or jog 100 meters. To make things even worse, I developed a really bad back pain too.

I used to be a huge mess of anxiety, hatred, jealousy, frustration and regret. Even though I had found my passion in physical culture, namely Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and strongman training, my mental and social well-being was very poor.

You know what was the worst part of it? Pointing my finger, blaming others for my shortcomings. For years I refused to take responsibility for improving myself.

Finally I had to take a hard, stern look on my fat, pimply face in the mirror and admit myself everything I didn’t want to admit.

The change that eventually led to creating this website

In 2010 I learned about a movement called The Movement. It’s a movement about movement founded by a movement coach named Frankie Faires.

One fundamental lesson I learned is that everything we do, and I mean EVERYTHING from what position you sleep in to how you type- either makes you feel and move better, or feel and move worse. There’s no middle ground.

A second fundamental lesson is that we can test if something makes us better or worse. This is done via something called Biofeedback, of which you will learn on this website.

I broke completely free from social anxiety, chronic pain and poor health with what I learned from Frankie. I shook off all the mental trauma caused by being bullied at school and physically abused by my father.

I felt and moved better than I ever had and I’m still making progress. All that was needed was adjusting my actions in the correct direction. Our actions affect our minds and what goes on in our minds affects our actions.

My vision for my own and the world’s future

Having gone through everything I had, I felt like I didn’t want even my worst enemy to go through all that

But the harsh and cold reality is that there’s a lot of suffering on planet Earth. There are so many people who suffer from poor health, mental problems, chronic pain, loneliness, poverty…they haven’t come to be by accident.

Science has advanced onward and we are better of than a thousand or just one hundred years ago, but there’s still a lot of room of improvement. As a matter of fact, there will always be room for improvement!

I have always believed there’s an objective reality that functions in it’s own way regardless of our subjective minds. I was also sure that if I could just learn how this reality works, it would be possible to make the world as much better place to live as possible. It’s both our thinking and actions that bring ill effects in our personal lives and the whole wide world.

I also believe that logical thinking and beliefs based on results and facts, not ideologies, are of utmost importance for the betterment of humankind. Even today our actions are impaired by illogical thinking and beliefs that contradict each other. We let ourselves to be led by broken gurus and wannabe leaders.

This all being said to you, I will change the world. But only by getting better myself along the way, questioning my beliefs and putting everything I know and do to the test.

The question is, are you willing to ask yourself better questions too?

I’m so excited to take you for the ride!

In strength and health,

Tomas Valverde