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On this page you can find all the possible product and service recommendations found on TomasValverde.com listed on one single page. Rest assured, everything you see here has been used by me, which means you are listening to someone who has actual experience with what he recommends and isn’t just some Internet marketer.

Most of the following links are affiliate links, which means that if you decide to purchase something, I might get a small commission from it. This commission comes at no charge to you.


Beginning Biofeedback:

This book is an excellent introductory manual to Biofeedback and how you can start using it today to get better at everything you do every single time you do it. Beginning Biofeedback will challenge you to question many “truths” you think you know, such as that making progress requires hard work and clean eating is the only way to attaining perfect health. The book will also teach you how to literally test whether something is good or bad for you. If you can invest only a two-digit number of money on a book, this would be what I’d recommend to you to get first out of everything shown on this page.

Body Elastic:

Elasticity of your body is the most important thing to attain, whether you want to get stronger, faster, more endurance, bigger muscles or less bodyfat (or if you’re like me, all of those things). This book not only teaches you why elasticity is that important, you’ll also learn about your body’s nervous and musculoskeletal system, problems you could have with mobility, flexibility and stability, how to solve those problems and what to do to reform your body to be more ELASTIC.

Gym Movement: